Tuesday, August 31, 2010


On Saturday we went to BevMo followed by Smart and Final. They had grapes for 79c/lb. It was a great stop for produce prices, but everything else was pretty much the same as other grocery stores. BevMo can be overwhelming. Even Wyatt was in awe of the craft soda selection!

On Sunday Arlo and I went shopping. I needed some work clothes and more baby-proofing supplies. Wyatt and Mat went to Central Park again.

We got a few more boxes unpacked and a few things organized. We had so much more built-in storage in Richmond...it's hard finding a place for everything.

Wyatt is enjoying school. They have been doing a lot of reading to find out the student's reading levels. The hill in this picture often has cows grazing on it. A Realtor we met this weekend said that his friends thought he lived in the sticks because of all of the cows! I think it helps lessen the "burb" feel of the area. Wyatt says it's the Wild, Wild, West!

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