Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chasing Waves

This was from our day trip to Monterey, CA 11/13/2010

Catching Up

November started off with my birthday. The office surprised me with a cake which was great. Mat and the boys made me dinner and got more cake!

For Wyatt's birthday we headed south to Monterey, CA

We told Wyatt we were going to thrift stores. He bought it until we were at the door of the aquarium. We stood at the entry and I asked him if he was reading any of the signs...he said "yeah". I asked if he was sure, and told him we weren't going any further until he read the sign. I helped him with the Monterey part...then he figured out the Auarium part...and then the light bulb went off and we got the expression below:

We took a break and had lunch at this brewery.

A view of the bay from the auditorium portion of the aquarium's back entrance.

This tank had a lot of bigger fish including a seven gill shark.

The jelly fish were probably my favorite part.

We drove up the coast past several fields of strawberries and artichokes.

We stopped at a beach north of Santa Cruz to watch the sunset.

On the 17th we celebrated Wyatt's REAL birthday. Wow, 7.

Wyatt enthusiastically started his wrestling practice.

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with our friends Wes and Kelli and their family and more friends!

Sadly we lost our wonderful friend, Richie. I know I'm not the only one thinking of him daily.