Saturday, December 31, 2011


My co-worker brought oranges from his tree.   HUGE oranges.  

I juiced 3 of the oranges, and candied the peel.   I used the juice to make Schiacciata Alla Fiorentina, and used the peel in a very delicious soda bread.

Mat says it's the best thing I've ever baked.   It is soda bread with semi sweet chocolate and candied orange peel.  The recipe is from Bon Appetit.  The recipe calls for dark chocolate, but semi sweet was still delicious. 



I found a site called Evernote.  It is a really cool way to organize things you find online.  You can also add written notes, photos of notes, recipes etc, and it offers a really easy way to find these notes later.  I've only started using it, and love it!  It is free, and can sync to your phone and other devices.   It is a very handy tool to have.