Sunday, July 24, 2011

I finished Nolan's quilt top last weekend after some marathon sewing. Now I need to baste and quilt it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Superman VS the Toilet

As Superman fell to his imminent death in the fountain of doom, Mega Mom swooped in with her Grapple of Freedom and rescued him from a fate worse than Kryptonite exposure...

Nice try evil Dr. Hazard....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Back in June we tagged along with some friends to the Oakland Zoo.
Arlo couldn't get enough of the goats.

I took the boys into the city for something to do. We stopped by our friend's house to say hello and then drove into Golden Gate Park.

We toured the conservatory. They had a special exhibit of poisonous plants-perfect for a boy's trip!

We've been attempting to potty train Arlo.

The boys are spending a good amount of time at the pool. Mat has discovered the hot tub is a great way to ease an aching back after work.

Wyatt continues to be a fish, and Arlo has gotten very brave. He does "Spider Man" around the pool...hand over hand around the entire circumference. He even says a bit of the Spider Man song along the way.

We went to the San Ramon fireworks display on the Fourth. We met up with two families from our community. The kids had a good time.

On the 10th the boys and I went to the Oakland Fiber Festival. I re-learned how to knit, brushed up on my crochet, and Wyatt got to learn how to felt and how to spin yarn (much much harder than it looks!)

The other day Wyatt saw a flock of Turkeys in the land behind our neighborhood. Soon enough they'll be on the sidewalks and crossing the street!

And saving he best news for last....we finally closed on our house in Richmond! One of these days I'll get all of our pictures into my Flickr account to really show off the befores and afters. It has been a long year; worrying about the house, paying the bills, and only getting one offer since it went on the market in February. BUT it is finally over. We are now buyers-and only if and when we want to be!