Friday, July 31, 2015

Thunder and Lightning

It took driving to the desert to finally see a good thunderstorm.  We could smell the rain before we even got outside!  Arlo got to see lightening bolts for the first time that he could remember.

Wyatt has picked up whatever bug Arlo had, and has been resting all day.  Thankfully his fever didn't get as high.  

Tomorrow we move into our temporary condo as we house hunt, and then finally establish our NV home.  Keep sending those prayers to Saint Joseph!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It's official, we are no longer living in California!  Though I'm not sure staying in a hotel is "living" anywhere, though I frequently refer to it as "home".  

We said goodby to the condo...but more emotionally a see-you-later to all of the wonderful friends we made in our little community.  I'd have to say if I could bring along the people we've become so close to in our past two homes, and they could all live in the same neighborhood, we'd have a really awesome neighborhood!

 After about 10 hours of driving we arrived in Henderson, NV.
The kids were very excited by the balcony off of our suite.
On Saturday we did some house hunting.  Afterwards we had lunch at an Italian restaurant next to a shoe repair shop.  They also had a minivan converted into a bootvan.   

We explored the Summerlin area on Sunday.  The mountains here are beautiful.

We had an early dinner at Taco y Taco...this place is very good!  We had the El Pastor tacos.  The preparation was entertaining and the tacos were delicious.  We were even spoiled with a free ear of street style corn on the cob.  I think this must be a newer restaurant - they don't yet have a website to share.   The Yelp reviews are here.

Monday found us with a sick Arlo.  He had a fever and was generally miserable.  By Tuesday he was feeling better but not 100%.  Today he seems to be his old self, which I am very grateful for.  Being sick in a strange place makes being sick even worse.
 Today we had a little cloud cover, which cooled things down a bit.  Our realtor predicted a cooler night because of the clouds.  It was pleasant on our balcony this evening, and we even had this beautiful sunset!

So our first few days are going ok.  I look forward to establishing some routines and having a home-base, but that will come in time.  I have realized there is a lot of exploring to do, which is very exciting!


Sunday, July 5, 2015


Quinn and I (well I) braved the 10 mile route today.  She's been loosing interests in walks and then begs to get out of her stroller to walk on her own.  About 6 miles in, we made it to an open trail that isn't along side a busy road and I let her free.  She had fun walking the trail, seeing the cows and birds.  She even jogged so we could keep a good pace.  Unfortunately, she didn't want to get back in her stroller - and as frustrating as that was - she was good about staying on the sidewalk.  Our walk took 3 1/2 hrs, with her probably walking a good 1 1/2 miles on her own.  No surprise she is napping now!