Saturday, September 19, 2015


Somewhere exists a picture or memory of a little Kelly using this same Nestlé Quick cup!

 I took Wyatt to get a model airplane today.  We went by Lowe's and got some plants and more containers to brighten our patio.  Hopefully the tomatoes do ok.  A couple of weeks ago we got Arlo a fig tree.  I was certain it had died so it was ignored for the past few days.  To our surprise it has sprouted new green leaves! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Spring Mountain Ranch

This afternoon we took a short drive to Spring Mountain Ranch.   The park is really neat.  There is a grassy area for picnics and bbq.  In the summer they even have weekend slip-n-slide events!   

The site of the ranch was once an alternate route to the Spanish Trail.  It saw wagon trains and outlaws.  Howard Hughes was one of the later owners of the ranch.

 The farmhouse and trails are all self-guided, though there are guided tours as well.  The ranger we met today was very friendly and let us know of the many events and how seasons effect the area.  This is definitely a park to visit again.

Above is a picture of Lake Harriet.  The area is fed by many springs creating an oasis in the desert. The lake is protected so there is no fishing or swimming.

The cabin and blacksmith shop were built in 1864  

The ranch had 20,000 head of cattle at one time.

Wild burros are among the many animals in the region.  There are signs on the road approaching the park warning to watch for the animals and not to feed wild burros or horses.