Sunday, August 21, 2011

I went to Seattle for work back on July 25-26. Mat took the boys to the park where they discovered rope swings.

They also cooled off at Central Park.

The weekend after I finally fixed the irrigation system in the back yard. It's nice to know it still takes 3 trips to the home improvement store to finish a project!

I think it turned out pretty nice.

Arlo saw a pineapple on the counter. He kept pointing in the direction of the pineapple requesting to "try it". I asked him what he wanted to try. He replied "Sponge Bob"!

My very generous friends gave us a TV. They helped restore peace in the house! Though the next day Arlo broke the DVD player, delaying peace until it could be replaced.

Yesterday I took the boys to the rope swing park.

And couldn't stomach the idea of them playing on it.

The tree is awesome....but the hill is way too steep!

Beautiful views of Mt Diablo.

And a BMX tack.

I got a good amount of quilting done on Nolan's quilt.

This is the back-I'm pretty happy with it!