Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Trees (A Lot of Pictures!)

Two weeks ago we journeyed to Murphys, CA and Big Trees State Park.  I would suggest clicking on the link to learn more.

Downtown Murphys has a wonderful little downtown park with a playground, picnic area and creek that kids can play in. 

Grapes are everywhere!

This place is LOADED with wine tasting bars...restaurants and a sprinkling of antique shops and boutiques. 

While walking around we met a great ambassador to the town who suggested where to eat, and where to take the kids on this day trip, as well as any future trips where we had more time...

First stop was Ironstone Vinyards. 

Certainly the big "wow" for us was the 44 lb Crystalline Gold Leaf Specimen. 
This piece was found in 1992 just 15 miles from the site of the Winery.

A bigger wow was just 15 or so miles north to the Big Trees State park.  2-3,000 year old trees are just amazing in person!

Above is Mother of the Forest.  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th Of July

Due to a lack of funding, our city didn't have a fireworks show this year.  We had some sparklers left from prior years, and I think that was enough fun for the boys!