Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're Here

In the fashion of The Good Guys I am going to start in the present and then refer to the past, and keep going until we're at the end of the story.

We have landed in California and are in the process of settling in. Wyatt starts school tomorrow, and I start work-both situations are exciting, but Wyatt is understandably nervous. We have been keeping busy trying to set up home, and also playing tourists. The movers come Tuesday to deliver our stuff. Needless to say it will help to have our familiar things around us to help create a feeling of "home".

Today we visited Sutro Baths. We thought Wyatt would like seeing the Pacific Ocean. We were right. The stairs wore us all out. We'll have to come back for a proper exploration.

The school had a picnic to welcome the students back for the new school year. There was a DJ and the kids played and the parents mingled. It is a little hard being the new guys, but Wyatt enjoyed the playground and we found his classroom before we walked back home. The commute is .7 miles and is a great walk to start and end the school day.

A blue fish is his name plate. The teacher must know Wyatt!

The walk home. Verbena-lined sidewalks. I can certainly get used to this weather. 52 degrees this morning felt quite comfortable compared to the 105 we left behind in Virginia!

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