Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 26, 2010

On Thursday Mat had the boys help clean the chalk off of the patio.

These spiders are all over our area. Mat has found artistic inspiration in them. After reading more, I've found some fear in them, but appreciation, too. I'd prefer the spiders to the "flying insects"

Arlo got new shoes. He can now run faster and jump higher.

I got some landscaping out of my system. Just a few perennials to replace two dead trees. These will eventually be about 2 or so ft tall and look really good if the future tenants take care of them. For now I'm happy to have dug in the dirt.

I took Arlo out to give Mat some baby-free time. We went to St Vincent De Paul's thrift store and got a good dresser for the boy's room. Priced at $50 with 30% off on Sundays...quite a score! The man that helped me load this into the van was from Hampton, VA and delivered beer for Budweiser. Yesterday we found a quilt shop in Danville, CA named for the owner's father. He was from Richmond, VA. Such a small world.

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