Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catch Up

I have been doing a terrible job of updating this blog. So here is a catch-up post.

On October 10 Mat and Wyatt took the BART to the city to check out the Blue Angles and Fleet Week.

They weren't the only ones!

I'm not sure what was the most fun. A ride in the subway, a trek through San Francisco, watching acrobatic airplanes from rooftops and crowded stairwells, hanging out with dear friends, or tacos in North Beach. All together they had a great day!

Arlo has been adding words...as of this posting he has "Wyatt", "Arlo", "shoe", "eyes", and "mama" and "dada". He also barks when he hears dogs bark! Now if only he could learn the valuable word, "please".
This past week Wyatt had early dismissal for parent/teacher conferences. (He had an EXCELLENT review). The boys enjoyed a splash at Central Park. It's odd to have this weather in October.

This past Sunday I took Wyatt to a classmate's birthday party at Pump It Up. The kids had a great time.

Arlo is still trying to walk in his Dad's shoes!

Lastly, I have started a project. This is part of a cowboy quilt for my nephew. Hopefully I continue to make progress.

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