Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally...a Grill!

The moving Gods were on our side this time...and WE inherited a grill. Our next-door neighbors were kind enough to pass along their grill and small table. So today, after 9 months, we finally cooked out!

Last weekend the kids and I walked to Osage Park. If you click on the link you'll see a couple of pictures of the roses. I have never seen such beautiful roses in person-and so HUGE!

We then walked home along Iron Horse Trail, stopping at an elementary school playground.

Then a special stop at Burger King...a 6 mile walk makes you hungry!

These Rosea Eucalyptus trees line Crow Canyon Road, and are a new favorite. Their bark appears anywhere from red to purple to black and they have very cool flowers.

Hopefully this weekend is just as nice!

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  1. Nine months to cook out!? What is wrong with you people? That would never be allowed to happen on the right coast!