Saturday, June 30, 2012

X Marks The Spot

Tonight at dinner I showed Arlo my wedding ring and pointed out that I had it buffed and polished and admired how shiny it is.  

He asks, "Oooh, you have a pearl?"

I say "No, it's a diamond"

He asks "You found a TREASURE?"

I say "No, but I know a jeweler.  I can take you to the treasure store.  You may look at the treasures, but you cannot touch them."

"And I can see the monies?"

"No, they don't sell money there, but you can see a lot of jewels and gold"

"Is there an X?"

"Well, no, but there is a map"

"Oh.  No.  We need an X.  And we need a ship.  And we need sails.  And we need to pull the string"

"To open the sails?"

"Yes, and then we need to drive the boat"  He imitates steering a big wheel.  "And the X has to be red".  

After all of that I don't think a trip to the mall jewelry store will be anything compared to his imagination!

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