Friday, May 31, 2013

Feel the Love

Today I got an email from someone I don't know, but works for a customer of ours, and was probably cc'd in some message at some time which is why I was in her address book.  The subject line read:

I Love You!

At first, I was a little confused, thinking it was a virus - but when I read the signature I knew the message was meant for someone else.  I kind of thought it was funny, reflecting on how many times I've made an error in an email, or sent an email to wrong person with the same name. While I pondered this, I received another message:

I'm sure I'd love you, too 
grabbed the [wrong] email address, LOL!!!

I replied to her, thanking her and letting her know this was a good way to end the week.   She "virtually" laughed and agreed.    I let her know I appreciated the random love, and wished her a great weekend.

This made me think - with all of the complaining, subtle tattling, slight scoldings, ALL CAPS yelling, and unnecessary cc'ing that goes on in work emails, how wonderful it was to get this message!!  I'd have to say it's obvious that this made my day.  I hope it does yours!

I Love You!!

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