Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I made this in the slow-cooker today.  It turned out delicious!
I used 1T of liquid smoke vs 1/4 c and about 1/4 c of water.  
Recipe here.

 For coleslaw I make my dressing different each time.  Usually about 1/4 c mayo + maybe a T of white vinegar...then a pinch of salt, a bit of sugar and this time - dill, caraway seed, and celery salt.  I taste and adjust accordingly.  This dressing was tossed with some green cabbage, red bell pepper and a green onion.

We haven't had much "summer" this week.  Our highs are in the mid 80's, and down to the mid 50's at night.  I like this - good sleeping weather.  

Despite that, the kids have enjoyed some watermelon - the Costco watermelons have not disappointed this year!

Banished to the stoop - Quinn will get hers next year.

I think of my dad every time I cut the ends off of the watermelon...now my boys fight for the "bowls"! 

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