Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Craft (gasp!)

From a blog I follow, Angry Chicken, I was lead to another blog, Honestly WTF.   That is where I was introduced to the Sticker Mandala and the awesomely talented Lauren Venell.

After reading the tutorial on HonestlyWTF, I decided to have a go at the project.  I picked up some Mrs Grossman's stickers from Boswell's as well as a sheet of cold pressed paper (Hobby Lobby).   I chose that paper because it claimed to handle erasing and was only $2.  Next time I will go with a more substantial paper.  My second lesson learned was to draw the registration lines very lightly, and erase as much as I can before placing lighter colored stickers.  Lastly, I learned to lightly place the stickers in case I need to reposition them.  

Below are my results.  I think I'm hooked and will do this again.  I love how from far away the image resembles a flower, but when you get close you see all of the funny details.


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