Saturday, July 16, 2016

Valley of Fire 1.02.16

In an attempt to free up space on my phone, I've uploaded my photos to my computer, and have realized I haven't shared anything here in a long time!
With Instagram and Facebook, shares are quick and easy, so the blog gets forgotten as a chore.  Those single photos tend to have to tell the story on their own, and I hate to bombard either site with too many photos of the same event - which is what this little spot in the internet is great for!
 So as I catch up, one trip I haven't talked about yet is our day trip to the Valley of Fire.  We made a stop here on our way home from a wrestling tournament, but we could easily fill a day with all of the walking and exploring you can do.

The kids playing in the Beehive

 This is another state park that has a well -maintained road system that allows you to see a great amount of the area without leaving your car.  There are many pull-off locations where you can park and explore.  They have a great visitors center with restrooms as well.

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