Sunday, October 18, 2015

McCullough Hills Trail

Two weekends ago Quinn and I helped Wyatt take a test ride to school.  It is about 1.4 miles from our house to the middle school.  The route involves only one major intersection and goes past a nice park and neighborhoods.  

Then through the entrance trail of Anthem Hills Park.

Past the soccer fields and skatepark...

...and a playground...

I realized this route was perfect for me to resume my daily walks.  So one weekday evening I headed out and walked to the school.  I had realized when I was mapping walking routes that there was a trail system behind the school, so I headed up the trail. 
It was getting too dark to keep going but I knew I would have to come back!

 On Saturday morning I set out early to explore the trails.

 Looking back you can see the Las Vegas valley as well as The Strip

There are a lot of stacked rock formations and when I looked back I lucked out and saw a rainbow!

This trail it about 7 miles long.  It is so peaceful, even though there are fellow hikers, runners, bikers and dog-walkers sharing the trail.

 The above photo was about 3.5 miles from our house.  

I look forward to my next hike!

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