Sunday, October 18, 2015

Red Bull Air Race

Today we headed out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to watch the Red Bull Air Race.
 From our seats, we could see the aircraft enter the raceway and run the course.  They were not only trying to be the fastest, but they also wanted to avoid penalties for hitting the pylons which added seconds to their time.  When there were two pylons next to each other, like the photo below, the pilot needed his wings to be level and he needed to pass through the area marked in red.  


 When we first took our seats, it was very sunny - which had me regretting not having a hat!  I was thankful for a bit of rain to cool things down.

 We decided to get some food and as we headed back to our seats it poured!   The rain stopped by the time we were done eating.  We dried off our seats and enjoyed the rest of the show.

The ticket package we had allowed us onto the track.  This is a very neat place to be.  It feels odd to walk on the pitched road, and everything feels much bigger when you can look back up at the seats.

We were able to look into the hangars.

This was a very fun experience.  I don't think I would have ever considered this as something to get tickets for - but am very glad we did!

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